5 Best Places to Visit in Belcaire

There are many tourist attractions in Belcaire, France where people can visit for interest, adventure and to enjoy their leisure time. Belcaire has most of the tourist attraction sites in France where people from different parts of the world visit.


Montsegur Castle

Montsegur has a beautiful sight on a high rocky hill in the area of southern Midi-Pyrenees. Three castles in the Montsegur include the castle that existed before the Cathars. The second castle was their essential stronghold, and it was pulled down by their enemies, and many lost lives in 1244. The third castle is what we see today and has a small museum that contains all the items of the fortifications is also located in Montsegur.




Ax-Les-Thermes is a beautiful town on a mountain found on the southern of Foix and Montsegur.  Its popularly known as a spur location and a place of walking during the summer season. It can give you the maximum benefits of meditation and mindfulness. A hospital was built near the spur to treat people with leprosy. The town of Ax-Les-Thermes is fantastic because it has a small river, casino and other entertainment facilities in its center. It also has a ski resort that has excellent bars and restaurants which are open in both and summer seasons. The ski has a beautiful mountain and a pine forest that attracts families for outdoor activities during the summer period.




Quillan is also known as the Cathar country, and it found on the southern side of Carcassonne and Aude department. The circle of mountains and the history of Cathar attracts many tourists to this location. It is located on the River Aude edges and has space where people can relax, take their snacks or lunch. There are very tall and narrow building that makes Quillan looks attractive. One of the unique structure that provides a space for bathing is the tourist office.


The Cathars had built a church in the 14th century in a classic Roman design is found in Quillan. This center is also popularly known for water sports such as kayaking.


Gorges de l’Aude


Gorges de l’Aude is a place found to the southern side of Carcassonne and Quillan. It has three main Gorges that include the Gorges de Pierre-Lys, Gorges de Saint-Georges and Gorges de Galamus. In this landscape, the tourists can enjoy activities such as walking and cycling. There is a cave that gives tourists unique experience as they do hiking while wearing safety garments and use light since its very dark.


Prehistory Park


The prehistory park in the Tarascon-sur-Ariège mountain where tourists go to learn the prehistoric times and items. There is a museum of ancient arts and Niaux caves rearrangements and crafts that were painted by the man in the early years. In the Niaux caves are the decorations of ancient mammals that include horse, deer, and bison. The themes of tool cutting, firefighting, archaeological excavation, cave arts, and spear throwing are in the different workshops.


If a person or a group of people are looking for the best place to visit in Belcaire, they should visit the above sites since they have the most attractive and beautiful sceneries and natural features. Hotels, vacation rentals, campsites, and transport facilities are also available.